Chartered Business Excellence Professional™

This broad and demanding course provides the basis to qualify as a Chartered Excellence Professional™. It covers:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • People
  • Communication
  • Process management, including Lean and Six Sigma
  • Resource Management (including Finance Management, Project Management, IT Management, and Knowledge Management)
  • Product design
  • Risk and risk management
  • Innovation
  • Governance
  • Excellence Assessment
  • Results

Note: In normal circumstances, you should expect to spend 8 to 10 weeks working through the modules.

There are no prerequisites to take this course. However, there are a number prerequisites for becoming a Chartered Business Excellence Professional™, the most significant of which relate to professional work experience requirements. You can find a full list of prerequisites here.

Member Price: EUR 1,584.00 (incl. VAT)
Non-Member Price: EUR 1,980.00 (incl. VAT)



NPS ranges from -100 to +100, positive scores are good.
NPS: +100%
I very much enjoyed the content of this course and I learnt a lot. The traditional method of instruction that I am used to as an accountant is supplemented with other material to assist all types of learnings and learners. I would highly recommend this course for any manager as well as those pursuing CBEP qualification.
Ronan Traynor, Finance Officer & Internal Controls Manager, National Paediatric Hospital Development Board
I really enjoyed the CBEP course. Apart from the knowledge I gained on various topics that cover all the aspects of the organization, I got a lot of takeaways from the posts and the feedback. The various questions for posts were thought-provocative and they helped me to reflect on different aspects of my professional and personal life, aiding my development. I genuinely believe the course would help many managers (and not only managers).
Dimitrios Psarras, Lean Manager, Veridos Matsoukis S.A
The CBEP has benefitted me tremendously and without any doubt, it exceeded my expectations. I found it to be a holistic, innovative, well-rounded, and structured course perfected to train professionals to increase excellence in organizations. It has enriched my knowledge and provided me with a great framework to address excellence in any organization and thus create value for all its stakeholders. Most importantly, I greatly enjoyed the course and I thank BEX for the noble mission of Excellence.
Pierre Boueri, Founder & Managing Partner - Pierre Boueri & Partners
The CBEP course is comprehensive and immediately useful. There is an engaging mixed media approach with relevant examples to drive home the learning. After each module, I was able to implement elements of the program into my own business and that of my clients, providing immediate value. I wholeheartedly recommend the CBEP training for anyone from executive to front-line worker, excellence practitioner to excellence beginner.
Michael Gamerl, Cofounder, E2 Global Education
The insight, context, and seamless integration of each module covering BEX’s entire holistic excellence framework makes this course one every leader should consider taking. It challenges your perceptions on leadership and successful execution of strategy. It encourages you to move past self-imposed assumptions regarding business operations and have a more comprehensive view of success and its related markers. I highly recommend the CBEP course.
Gail Figaro, Principal Consultant, Phi-Onyx Services