Understanding & Managing Risk Masterclass

Crafted to enable you to quickly get up to speed on risk – and making use of exercises and games – this Masterclass explores risk through different lenses to equip you with a robust understanding of risk so that you can help your organization navigate and thrive in this uncertain world. The course, which requires 12 to 14 hours (and counts as 12 hours of Continual Professional Development) to complete, covers:

  • Governance and organizational culture
  • Understanding risk
  • Probability
  • Risk Appetites
  • Risk Management and its problems
  • Better approaches to risk management
  • Risk identification, analysis, assessment, and mitigation
  • Risk Communication
  • The Issues with ISO 31000
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Cybersecurity
  • And more...

Don't risk the insecurity of an inadequate understanding of risk! Enrol today.

Member Price: EUR 120.00 (incl. VAT)
Non-Member Price: EUR 250.00 (incl. VAT)



NPS ranges from -100 to +100, positive scores are good.
NPS: +100%
Going through the masterclass, you easily see how much effort and attention to detail went into its design. The way it challenges your thinking and understanding of risk management principles by raising questions and discussing how different masterminds in the field think, makes the course exceptionally valuable. It constantly creates a two way communication between you and your previous learnings and thoughts on the topic reflecting mainly on ‘why.’ It’s a fun ride as a learning experience, covering the full range of principles, requirements, exercises, reference videos, mind games ... you name it!
Shahriar Sharifi, Global Product & Process Manager, Nordea Bank